Shipping & Handling Charge Policy

General Shipping Information


For order status, email:

Non-table orders, no matter what the item or how many items the order is for, are charged the direct cost for shipping the item(s). Items are shipped with UPS (United Parcel Service) automatically and require a signature upon delivery.  Order may ship without signature required on customer’s request, at the sole risk of the customer .  All packages shipped UPS automatically receive a delivery confirmation. If an order has been deemed delivered by UPS, MartinBauer Billiard Tables is not responsible for the package being lost, stolen, missing, etc. However in the case of a damaged package, MartinBauer will assist you in filing a claim, receiving a new product, etc.

MartinBauer Billiard Tables is only responsible for a package shipping to the initial shipping address.  Any customer who wishes to change the delivery location before the order has shipped, or while the order is in transit, must inform MartinBauer immediately.  Any customer who redirects a package to an alternate delivery location without the knowledge and consent of MartinBauer will no longer be under the protection of MartinBauer in direct reference to damaged, missing, stolen packages, etc.

Shipping Information for Tables:


Tables are delivered according to an agreed time after the order is fully completed.  MartinBauer will contact the customer within 1-2 business days of completion of the order to discuss shipping and receiving instructions, and to inform the customer if there is a delay due to out of stock items or if quality control requires the rework of any specific part of the table.

Unlike most billiard table resellers, MartinBauer table “shipping & handling” charges include delivery and setup service at the customer’s address. All of our billiard tables ship via an authorized carrier. Though delivery and setup is included in the price of the table, these fees may be revisited depending on difficulty, location, and region.

Receiving Procedures for Tables:

We will contact the customer the day before scheduled delivery.  This is to make sure receiving instructions are still correct, that someone is present  to receive the table, and that everything is on schedule.


MartinBauer Billiards is fully aware that situations may arise where customers may want to cancel their billiard table order. However, MartinBauer Billiards will take steps to help avoid this result.  Unfortunately, in specific cases, the only acceptable result for the customer is the cancellation of the order.  The time of cancellation will play the largest role in the expense of canceling an order.

Customers must understand that an order in process is a very costly thing for MartinBauer Billiard Tables to cancel. Orders in process have already received the materials and labor from employees, the packaging and paperwork, shipping charges, and other expenses that are involved with each and every order.  Canceling an order in transit will mean that an order has already incurred all the expenses that accompany an order and that the order is one step away from being complete (delivered to the customer).  When an order has reached this step, MartinBauer has incurred a large amount of expense as well as the customer having already paid for the order.  Canceling the order during transit will mean that MartinBauer must have the order brought back to the factory location and must then try to prepare the table for resale.  This preparation may include stripping the table chassis of the customer’s color choice. Though the product can be resold, there are expenses involved in the re-commissioning of the table that add to the process.  Therefore, MartinBauer will charge a minimum 75% of the product value to the customer who cancels during transit for restocking the table. Remember, this charge only applies to orders cancelled during transit.  MartinBauer Billiard Tables has provided all the necessary steps in getting the product to the customer and the customer was knowledgeable of all time frames and back orders that may have delayed the product.  Situations like above do not happen often and MartinBauer prides itself in being fair, honest, and informative to all their customers.

Cancellations can also take place before the order ships.  There are less charges that occur in this situation because there has not been that many steps taken to fulfill this order. An order cancelled before the table enters into production is entitled to a full refund and will be granted in such a situation.  An order cancelled by the customer while the table is in production becomes a little more complicated. Depending on which step in the fabrication process your MartinBauer Billiard Table is in, be it phases of metal fabrications or finishing, a Cancellation Fee of 10%-30% will be assessed.  All invoices issued by vendors shall be honored, and will be deducted from the deposit, plus the fee.

The purpose of this information is to inform you that there is a direct relationship between the steps that MartinBauer has taken to fill an order and the point during the order that a customer wishes to cancel.  The farther along an order is or the more work that MartinBauer Billiard Tables has put into the order, the higher the cancellation fee.

MartinBauer Billiard prides itself in customer service and satisfaction.  Canceling an order is the last thing that we want from any customer.  If there is a conflict with your order or a problem that you feel MartinBauer is responsible for, please allow us to fix it and make things enjoyable for you.  If any situation occurs where you are unhappy or wish to cancel your order, call MartinBauer Billiard Tables at 877.372.3127 and give us a chance to end your visit with us in a positive, productive way.

Privacy Notice

MartinBauer Billiard Tables collects personal information from you only during order processing. This information is never shared, sold, or given to any other company associated with MartinBauer Billiard Tables.

Warranty Information

MartinBauer is proud to provide you with a lifetime warranty on your Tournament Table and Cue Stick Rack.  We will repair or replace any part which is, or becomes, defective due to a manufacturing defect during the life of the original owner.  Any other accessories purchased through MartinBauer are covered by their respective warranties.  Your table will give you many years of exceptional performance, but sooner or later you will need to recover or move your table.  Never try to move the table yourself, even from one part of the room to another.  Doing so will void your warranty.  We can arrange for an authorized agent to perform service on your table to your’s, and our, satisfaction.  Please note, we feel the MartinBauer Tournament Table is an exceptional billiard table, but equally, an exceptional piece of art.  Therefore, we do not recommend, and will not warranty, any activities performed on top of the table other than games of pool.

Patent & Copyright

Copyright 2003-2015 by Martin-Bauer, LLC, All Rights Reserved.  Martin-Bauer, LLC owns a legal patent to the design of the table and all it’s attributes and concepts, and is entitled to the rights and protection afforded it by the United States Government.

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