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The Ultimate Art of the Game

About MartinBauer Billiards

MartinBauer Billiards was formed in May of 2003, through the ambition of its founder, Michael Martin.  As a practicing architect in a firm located in Dallas, TX, he noticed that, while watching MTV Cribs, it seemed that all of the celebrities and athletes that had modern homes possessed rather run-of-the-mill pool tables.  And, those that were “modern” looked very dated and anything but.  Searching resources to see if there were any cool pool tables out in the market that the celebrities missed, he found there weren’t any of note.  That’s when Mr. Martin applied his architectural and industrial design talents to create this high-tech pool table that is made from structural steel. No, it’s not made from sheet steel or tin cans.  It’s the steel that you build structures with. And in this, we’ve made the commitment to design the world’s most exotic and unique pool table to be found. Blending design cues from art and architecture, Mr. Martin created an astounding piece of sculpture that you can actually play on.  We’ve brought together the finest components available to create for each client the most personalized table imaginable.  An all steel structure means you have over 400 colors to choose from to fit any décor style.  We believe that MartinBauer Billiards has hit the mark by creating the state-of-the-art pool table . . . representing the synergy of modern fabrication practices with the art of a handcrafting tradition.

Now located in Chandler, Arizona, in the Phoenix East Valley, MartinBauer Billiards has associated with all new partners to professionally fabricate the new pool tables for a new era. Some may think there is an advantage to having everything under one roof, but with our talent sourcing we are able to acquire the best performance out of our trades to deliver the pool table that meets, and exceeds, industry performance standards.  MartinBauer Billiards truly is The Ultimate Art of the Game.